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The Udder Soap Company was started around 2001 by Sheila Thrasher of Culleoka, TN.  She developed the soap recipe and did all the necessary testing (on friends and family).  It was a successful business for her for years.  I acquired the company around 2013.   Sheila passed on all her knowledge and recipes of soapmaking.   My plan is to continue to make this wonderful product and participate in several craft events each year as we have in the past.  I make all the soaps and lotions.  My husband, Fred,is my free labor at the craft shows.  He is also an awesome seller of our soap.  I couldn't do this without his help.  We have five wonderful grandchildren (all under the age of 10).  Hopefully, some of them will develop an interest in the business someday.  Regarding the selection of scents, at any given time there could be more scents available than what is showing on this site.  Just email me to find out.  If you have any suggestions as to fragrances you would like me to make, feel free to email me or give me a call.  I welcome your feedback.

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